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Allison is amazing! I went to my first pageant without any coaching and did not have much confidence. I then met with Allison who helped me with my platform, interviewing skills, confidence, and what to expect during the entire pageant. She did my hair and makeup for the pageant and I knew what to expect the entire time. The second pageant was like night and day and I walked away with the title! I am confident with Allison by my side I will accomplish my personal pageant goals.



With Allison and Shining Star Pageant Coaching by my side - 1st pageant top 15, 2nd pageant WIN, Nationals top 8, 3rd state pageant WIN .

Allison is not just our coach but a part of our family. Gloria always takes the stage with Shining Star confidence!



I have had the BEST time coaching with Shining Star. I reached out to them for mock interviews and the practice and feedback was amazing. I did 3 coaching sessions before my national pageant and improved my score up to 10’s! Besides interviews prep I also had the Shining Star team write my national winning spokesmodel speech! I truly don’t think I would have won American Royal Beauties National Excellence Miss title without them! I will 100% recommend them to anyone!

Shining Star Pageant Coaching


Allison helped turned my shy not so confident daughter, into this self-assured,well spoken, with a willingness to take on the world girl. I believe Shining Star Pageant Coaching did that for her. Not only is Allison an AMAZING coach but she is a friend, a sister, a confidant, she is someone these girls trust; but more than that you can tell the love that Allison has for each of her clients. When you join Shining Star Pageant Coaching you are not joining with just Allison, you are joining her whole SHINING STAR FAMILY. Let me be the first to say welcome to the family...



As a mom , I cannot say enough great things about Allison and Shining Star Pageant Coaching. She is ALWAYS available to answer my texts, take my calls and help with social media day or night. She has always made me and my daughter, Lilly, feel like her #1 priority. Lilly has experienced tremendous growth since she started working with Allison. She has a special way with Lilly that pushes her to do better and better and challenges her to just have fun and be herself. Lilly loves being with her and looks forward to the time with her to laugh , grow and just have fun. We are honored to be a part of Shining Star and hope to have Allison along our entire pageant journey.



After working with Allison, and using her mock interview practice, I regained my confidence. She truly helped me realize my potential and worth and help set realistic goals that allowed me to place Top 8 at my last National Pageant. She is incredibly honest and extremely knowledgeable in so many more ways than just pageant coaching. I look forward to working with her again, in preparation for my next pageant journey. Thank you Allison so much!



I have been following Allison for over a year as she was IUM Ms. which has also been almost the time span I’ve been competing. After my first national pageant, ARB, where she is a sponsor I knew I had to get in contact with her. Allison took my critiques from nationals and completely turned me around in less than a month where I then placed 2nd runner up at IUM Ohio. She has helped me develop an amazing platform and idea I want to base my pageant journey on. She’s raw, real and will not tell you different She is also my life time stylist  and she’s perfect in every way and you will regret not working with her sooner!


I have the best time coaching with Shining Star! I reached out to start with mock interviews  and modeling as I struggle with talking, and I know I could do better, so my director told me to use Allison. I have improved so much and its amazing. Without Allison's services I would not have been crowned two big titles... Miss Ohio Elementary, and American Royal Beauties Miss Ohio Sweetheart! I recommend Shining Star Pageant Coaching to anyone!



Under Shining Star Pageant Coaching and Miss Allison, Ali has come a long way from laying her head and arms on the table during interviews to sitting up straight and being poised. Her confidence on the stage is getting better and she is making great improvements with her eye contact. From coaching in Allison's parents basement, to coaching at the community center and finally to her amazing studio...we love Miss Allison and all that she has done for Ali and especially how patient she is with all the emotional issues and anxiety that Ali has. If you are thinking of getting into pageantry then look no farther than Shining Star Pageant Coaching!


I started coaching with Allison in 2014 when I was new to pageants. She coached me in walking, modeling, personal introduction, interview, and even helped me with my wardrobe selection. I went on to win my first national title with her help! I could not have done this without her guidance and appreciate everything she has done for me over the years! I am currently working with her and her team to prepare for my next pageant in the summer of 2021.



Allison an her team make coaching fun. I’ve learned so much and became a stronger competitor!! I can’t wait to continue working with her on my pageant journey!


Shining Star Pageant Coaching will make you beyond ready to win that crown! Allison and her team have helped me develop into the pageant competitor that I am today. Within the first couple online sessions, I already noticed myself transforming. Allison and her team will make sure you are fully confident and ready for your upcoming pageant. I am so glad that I made the right decision when choosing Shining Star Pageant Coaching!

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The Shining Star Pageant Coaching team always makes me feel like I am a priority and that my success is important to them. From answering the millions of questions I have to supporting me throughout the stressful process of pageant preparation, the Shining Star team is always there to make sure I am the best version of myself I possibly can be. I am so excited to see the improvement I continue to make in pageantry as I work with them!



My older daughter started working with Allison in April of 2020. In August 2020 she was 2nd runner up in her very first State level pageant (placing in or winning every optional she competed in), and in October she won in her second state level pageant (winning all but one of her optionals!). Her clientele’s list of awards, titles, and placements speaks for itself, but more importantly, Allison is a patient and fantastic teacher. She develops a very special relationship with each of her families, referring to the girls as “her kids”. I’ve seen her streak through a dressing room with a brush in one hand & a can of hairspray in the other yelling out “my kid needs me!” to fix nearly invisible flaws that she can see across a room. This is a coach who loves what she does! I have never seen someone so emotionally invested in each and every one of her girls as Allison.



I competed in my first pageant at 23 and went all in. I had no idea what to expect, how to prepare, or what it all entailed. I found Allison and knew she was who I wanted to work with. She answered all my questions, taught me how to walk, gave me wardrobe advice, and was always there for me in between our coaching sessions. I ended up winning my division in my first pageant, and I owe it all to Allison’s help and preparation! Couldn’t recommend Shining Star more!!!

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The guidance and encouragement I have received from Shining Star Pageant Coaching has prepared me for success in pageantry and beyond. The confidence I've gained working with Allison and her team is priceless. Thank you to my friends at Shining Star Pageant Coaching for everything you do!



My daughter is a state pageant queen preparing for Nationals and I want it to be a good experience for her. We never had a coach and a friend said Allison would be a great fit for Whitney and she was right. Whitney adores Miss Allison and she always smiles when she talks about her pageant coach. 



Allison and her team are AMAZING!!!! I highly recommend. My daughter and I absolutely love her. We love working with her and she gets the job done with great results!!!!! She has helped my daughter and I improve and grow and become more confident! My daugher and I are now both national titleholders because of Shining Star Pageant Coaching. I love working with Allison and her team, and my fellow teammates have become like family!!! Such a great experience!!!


Allison has transformed my stage presence taking me from awkward and stiff to graceful and elegant.  She is incredibly knowledgeable on all of the systems I have competed in, knowing industry best practices and trends.  She has a true knack for finding someones passion and uniqueness in interview which is something I was deeply lacking! 


Allison and her team are absolutely amazing! Shining Star Pageant Coaching has helped me become the best version of myself and given me the confidence that I have never had before! They are simply the BEST! I would not be where I am today without the Shining Star Pageant Coaching team.



I entered my first pageant at 41. I had so much fun and success. It simply wouldn’t have been possible without Allison and her team at Shining Star Pagents Coaching. Allison taught me everything I needed to know from bringing my own mirror on pageant day to how to successfully build my platform. When I panicked or felt overwhelmed she virtually held my hand and talked me off the ledge. She saved me thousands of dollars in potential wardrobe mistakes. Most importantly she taught me what it takes to win and coached me to success. Invest in her services, you’ll beyond benefit from them!



Allison and her team are indescribable! They have helped me take my pageant performance to the next level. Allison’s attention to detail is unmatched and her team’s ability to perfect every little aspect of your performance makes you unstoppable on the stage. Not to mention the tons of laughs we alwaya have! I couldn’t recommend Shining Star Pageant Coaching more!



Allison and her team have been instrumental in my success with the American Royal Beauties system! I competed at nationals for 2 years without Allisons help, and my confidence was just not there. After the 3rd year I decided I needed to bring Allison in for several coaching sessions. I can tell you, I wouldn’t be the American Royal Beauties National Miss titleholder today without her support and guidance.



Allison and her team have instilled confidence in me and prepared me for the pageant stage and beyond. Whether it’s preparing for an interview, walking in a gown, or just talking through what is holding me back from being the best version of myself, they give the greatest guidance of love and support. Competing in my first national pageant, I placed top 6 and then top 3 in my second national pageant. Their clientele is never failed by them with all of the coaches always putting 110% effort in all of their clients.

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